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Guiding Your Journey:
Bridging Spiritual Insight with Practical Guidance

"Amidst the constant shifts in today's world, there arises a profound calling to redefine our existence and explore practices that bring us into closer harmony with our soul's essence. It's an opportunity to discover new avenues of self-expression, fostering not only harmony but also abundance, connection, and mastery over our individual lives."

About Susannah

Many years ago, coaching became the catalyst for a profound transformation in my life, guiding me toward a powerful journey of self-discovery. The benefits that I received during that time led me to want to support others on a similar journey.

Along the way, I've discovered a passion for utilizing my coaching expertise and intuitive insights to empower individuals in uncovering their innate gifts and distinctive self-expression. My passion now lies in assisting my clients to integrate and embody these discoveries into their daily lives, work, and relationships.


My experience encompasses a wide array of disciplines., including Soul Realignment, The Akashic Records, Counseling Psychology, Human Design, and Life Coaching.

The joy I derive from my work extends beyond sharing teachings and insights; it also comes from actively applying these principles in all facets of my life.

Susannah 2_edited.jpg

My Soul's Essence painted by Katherine Skaggs

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