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Soulful Alignment: Coaching for Personal and Professional Fulfillment

"At the heart of a fulfilled life lies alignment – a harmonious synchronicity between your inner self and the world around you. This is where you find your creative power, inspired action, and synchronicities. It's the magnetic force that draws in prosperity, enriching relationships, exciting and dynamic opportunities, and a deep sense of belonging. Here, on this journey, every step you take is guided toward achieving alignment in every area of your life"

Hi, I'm Susannah

I specialize in coaching individuals dedicated to discovering and aligning with their Soul's journey, seamlessly integrating this alignment into every aspect of their lives—both personal and professional.


The work that I do is entirely individualized, specific, and accurate. It completely changed the way I operate in the world. The knowledge I gained clarified and gave words to the things I thought I had known about myself but had pushed aside. It gave me more confidence in stepping outside my comfort zone, eliminated some of the doubts I had about myself, and helped me in accessing more of my intuitive abilities. Most importantly, it inspires me to take new, aligned actions in my life that create more synchronicity and flow.​

"The power of this work snuck up on me"

“The granular insights, along with a bird's eye view, make Susannah's information and guidance ground-breaking for the practicalities of my day-to-day activities, as well as the vision for my business. The power of this work snuck up on me; do not be deceived! This is not any Akashic reading or information that you would expect! For deep, neutral discoveries about who you are, how you best operate, how you subconsciously take yourself out of your optimal life, and HOW to get in alignment and stay there, reach out to Susannah NOW. What you will gain will impact your life profoundly.” 

Christine P., Bakers Mill, NY

This work is for you if...
  • You're curious to discover more about yourself beyond your current roles and identities

  • You have an interest in bridging the spiritual and the practical

  • You want to tap in and rely on your own guidance for answers 

  • You're willing to take responsibility for what is showing up in your life, but just don’t know where to start

  • You know you have "your way" of contributing and being in this world, even if you can’t see it clearly

  • You know there are no limits to self-expression, and want to take NEW action to create a more fulfilling life in a way that works specifically for you

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